Crf450x Bore 500

theres a kit to bore your CRF450 to a 498, and one with the new mag knows what im talking about. but i was wondering if anyone has used this, and if anyone used it for the "X" im going to race and another 50cc would help, hell anything would help. but hopefully someone can help me with this


The bore kit is from Ice Cube if anyone was wondering

I don't have one but I rode one done by Terry Varner, and it is very fast. I ride a cr250 and it would school it. The hole goal is to keep the front tire on the ground, or when you get to the next corner let off.......

it goes for under a thousand dollars, so pretty cheep and i heard it is awesome. if anyone looks into it for their own bikes keep posting for dyno or how it feels. :naughty:

I have a 480cc kit w/ a stage 1 Hotcam, on my 450R. It really helped out on the lower RPM range. You need a jet kit, and take your time dialing it in, to get the most out of your new cubic inches.

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