hrc cam/piston

is there a aftermarket place to get all the stuff in the hrc kit i know that ill have to get the gaskes from honda, but was wondering if i can get like a high compression piston from wisco instead of dealing with the stealership thanks for all the help

mike 53-t

Wiseco, JE and Ross all make higher comp (11:1) pistons for the 650r. Ross doesn't offer a piston for our bike to the public, but they make them and sell them to XR's Only, Powroll, etc and you can buy through them. Cometic makes / sells high quality gaskets for our xr650r and many other bikes as well.

Pistons & kits for the XR650R... (page 34) (page 1)

Gasket kits for the XR650R... (page 6)

wow thanks qadsan. what about cams, where is the best place to get a cam, cam chain, etc...

It just depends on what you want. I like the HotCams because they're simple to install, inexpensive and I feel they're a quality product. Their cams are band new billet pieces (not re-grinds) which work with the stock valve train components if they're in good shape. You cannot however install your auto-decomp mechanism on the HotCam or most aftermarket cams for that matter and this may be an issue for some folks who want to retain it.

Webcam also offers a high quality product based on a reground cam, but they also hard weld their cams and they'll even make you a custom grind. To use their cams requires that you also have your rockers hard welded and this is something they'll also do for you.

Barnums offers custom ground cams from mild to wild for various engine combo's and desired performance and does all kinds of speciality work from crank balancing, engine blueprinting, porting, custom cams, custom exhausts, ignition, suspension, etc.

Honda offers an HRC cam that can be purchased seperately or in a kit with a higher compression piston, new cam gear, heavier duty cam chain, matched valve springs, etc. This cam allows the use of the auto decom mechanim, but it's more expensive than other aftermarket cam options.

Crower Power offers cams for CRF's and other bikes and they might also offer a cam for the xr650r, but you'd have to contact them to find out.

Depending on how crazy you want to get with a cam, you may need different valve springs, hard welded rockers, your piston may need to be modified so it doesn't hit the valves, etc. No matter which cam you get, you can't be too safe when installing it and make sure to properly break it in. If there are 'any' doubts on the clearances, then do a clay check and make sure you also take thermal expansion into account.

WOW!!!!! thanks for all the info qadsan, this realllllllllly helps alot!

+1, great info!

Props to Quadsan!!!

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