headlight project crf230 ?

So heres my plan:

grab power from blk wire coming from the ignition (key) switch to a fuse?.

from the fuse to a light switch.

from light switch to the low beam only on the light (35w).

of course find a good ground for the light.

but not sure what amp fuse to use 5amp? :naughty:

Any help and ideas would be great, thanks!

sounds good. be sure to post some pics! id get the heaviest duty amp fuse i could get just so i knew i wouldnt blow it out!

If you grab power for your lighting from the switched black wire, your system will already be fused via the bike's stock 7.5A fuse. Running a separate fuse any larger than this is waste of time as the smaller stock one will always blow first. A 35W bulb pulls just under 3A (35/12.5) so if you do run a separate fuse, 5A would be good. That way if your lighting system developes a short it'll blow the smaller 5A fuse first and you won't lose your e-start.

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