anti freeze leak

alright so i noticed i had a little antifreeze leak and it was coming from that telltale hole. no biggie order all the parts to fix the water seal and then some because i was told to do it all at one. water seal, oil seal, shaft, bearing, impellar. parts should be in tommorow and i will be ready to ride. now my two questions are what kind of damage could this have done to my motor. i noticed it and fixed it right away but am not sure how long it was happening without me noticing. and for that bearing i need to put back in the case will the old find a socket that fits the outside of the race trick work on this one or should i get it pressed in?

thanks for any help


Put your bearings in the freezer for a couple hours, install them immediately after you remove them from the freezer and they should slide right in.

anybody else have any insight

Freezer trick, works great

I've used the freezer before too, much easier

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