Lost my MXA - need settings..

Well, my spring cleaning got a little out of control. After purchasing the .49kg springs for the forks on my 05 450 as MXA presrcibed, I have now lost the magazine and have no idea what settings they suggested after upping the spring rates. I think stock oil level was 385 and they suggested 375? Anybody recall the clicker settings?

I've checked this site, and MXA's online site with no luck. After reading further reviews, it doesn't seem like I'll really need them either (Vet Intermediate, MX 200lbs). Can anybody recall that info, have a link to it, or be willing to share what the mag says? I can't believe I lost it! I'm such an arse. :naughty:

Thanks in advance.

run the outer chamber at 375cc. start your compression clickers at 7 from fully bottomed and the rebound at 9 or 10 depending on what you like.

Thanks Shawn. Needed somewhere to start.

Shawn's comments are probably a good starting point especially for a 200lbs. rider which may be a little heavier than the test riders. However I checked my old issue and MXA's settings were 380cc of oil and 10c and 10r on the fork and 100mm sag, 12hsc 10r and 2 turns out lsc on the shock.

Not even Ricky Carmichael could feel a 5cc difference in the fork oil volume. That said, its a heck of a lot easier to add fork oil than to remove it. Personally, I run my rebound at 10 and 11.

Beautiful. That's exactly what I needed. Thanks for looking that stuff up and giving me the feedback. Thanks again guys.


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