What to do with a new pipe?

I have an 05 crf 250 R and got a big gun evo X (just the slip on), right now i have stock jetting and ride in the high desert (3000 or so elevation). The jetting suggestions is not on the big gun site yet so i was just wondering what I should do to my jetting?

Did you ride it?? What are the symptons??

havent really. just up and down the street, but im taking it to the track friday. it almost seems as it is bogging ever so slightly from 0-1/8ish throttle, other than that, it seems it pulls the front wheel up in 1,2, and 3rd. (havent gotten past that on my short street)

Sounds like its lean on the pilot, check the plug to make sure. At idle, the ceramic in the inside of the plug is probably gonna be light grey or white. It should be light to medium tan

ill check the plug, is the whole 15 minutes of riding like in says in the manual necessary? or can i just go up and down the street a few times and kill and clutch it?

I checked the plug at three throttle positions when I re-jetted, idle or closed, 50 %, and wide open. Its important to have the bike under a load (riding in gear) when doing the 50% and 100% runs but at idle i'd just let it run for 5 min. In your case I would do a test at 1/8 to 1/4 throttle as thats where your problem is. Again do that under a load and its important to hit the pull the clutch in, and hit the kill switch at the given throttle position (in your cas 1/8 to 1/4). Good luck bro!!

Agree with what everyone else said. Sounds lean on the pilot. Do the tests above (with the bike warm), but if it's bogging it's lean! Try the fuel screw first (1/4 turn at a time) if still bogs move up one number on the pilot. Good luck!

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