where are all the pa riders

i am from pittsburgh(dont hold it against me) and was wondering if anyone else is close. I am always looking for new places to ride. also is anyone going to the rumble on the ridge this weekend or the hatfield and mcoys in wva at the end of the month


I live in BP and that is very close to Pittsburgh. I know some places to ride in South Park( If you are good and love hills and trails)

And might be building a MX track in Butler it is a lot of land so there are also trails(private land but I got connections :naughty: )

Do you have any place that I might not know if so let me know

And do you have a dozer? Have a couple cats to build the MX track but a dozer would work better.

These places might not be what you are looking for with two little ones

but there is a place that I know that might be better for them

the place in south park is it near greenmans tunel, if so its cool but the cops are real anal about parking. as for a dozer, i wish. there is a great place in rostraver right off rt51. myself and 5 or 6 others would be intrested in helping with your track.

Have you been to GreenMans?

I went there twice but didn't have too much fun cause i went with some unskilled people

Once my friend can drive and I get a 125 I'll be there alot

once you get up to the dustbowl there are no more truck and atv(the devil

) ruts and there are miles upon miles of great trails. Just watch where you park cause if the busters dont ticket you then the locals with rape your ride for all its worth. used to go every weekend but lately i go to rostraver or west mifflin.

greenmans is great. i ride there a lot. i have a drz400s so parking is not an issue. i did see cops once but i found a road and rode away

near philly. and i just put street stuff on my DRZ400E(was originally only dirt), so lookin for some riding

im out from near johnstown my self hoping to get out 2 the tracks again this weekend

I'm from Greensburg and ride lots of areas that are around Pittsburgh. We rode this past Sunday and did over 40 miles. It was my first time there I am told we did not see all of it. I won't share where it is with the rest of the world but, for those who know, it's referred to as Creek Falls...or as us Burghers would call it - Crick Falls.

There are some other areas down near the WV line that we ride on occasion. Slate dumps are popular around here and trails usually exist all around them. Use Google Maps to find some in your area.

I'm north of philly. I am also looking for places to ride and buddies to ride with. Let me know if anyone wants to ride this weekend (weather permitting). I'm down for trail riding or mx tracks.

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