WRF250 power question

I currently own a DRZ400, and I want a lighter bike. ?i weigh 230+, and am considering a WRF250. How is the power if I do a big bore kit and up the weight of the flywheel? I want as much low end as possible. Will i get decent low end or am I going to have to rev the crap out of it all the time? Am I better living with a 20lbs penelty and going with the WRF450?

Answers please????????????


need some addn'l info...

what sort of riding do you do?

over what kind of terrain?

do you want to dual sport it?

what will be the road/trail split?

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

I know I'm a newbie here but, I'm going to give you my opinion of the WR 250. I bought my '04 late last year after many nights of tossing in my sleep worried about buying the wrong bike (lack of power). The other bike being a WR450. I'm 6'2" and weigh 210 lbs. and thougt there was no way the little 250 would haul my ass like what I was used to. I just came off a Husky WRX 360 2-Stroke. To make a long and happy story short, I could'nt be happier. It took all the free MODs and the BK Mod plus a White Bro's E series pipe but, I can lug this little fellow down to nuthin. I've been riding for nearly 30 years and I LOVE IT! No, it won't rip your arms outa socket but, it's the most fun of all bikes I've owned. Hope this was of some use to ya.

I would be buying this bike strictly for trail riding, I ride in Northern CA, mostly at Mt Shasta Damn, so there are lots of mountains to climb, and hills to go over. I will not be Dual sporting the bike. My main concern is that it has enough torque to not stall all the time without using too much clutch, and I am also considering the use of a Rekluse to help in this department

It will have less bottom end than the DR. Some of the difference can be made back with a good pipe and the Hotcams. The icing on the cake is 270+ bore kit. I have recently come across a YZ250F with a 270kit - Up to +6hp over standard.

As regards the 450 - it is not just about power and weight. I like the power of the 450 its great and tiring because you cannot wring it on a tight trail ever (over here anyway) BUT the bummer for me was the engine braking - shut the throttle and the back just slides all the time - OK so just ride with the gas on all the time but that just means an abrupt end :naughty:

Get a 250 but if you really like bottom end pull then expect to do a few mods.


the 250 has great bottom end power no need to worry in that regard.

Dude, if you like the bottom of your 400, you're going to have to try really hard to like the WR. At over 200 lbs, the 250 will have to be ridden efficiently on long steep climbs. There's not much room for error. I'd opt for the 450 or a KTM 400 personally. I'm only 145 lbs, but I don't like revving the bike to the moon everywhere, well actually I'm getting used to it now. But i'm pretty light-


I am not sure that I'm convinced that the WR250 would be that much fun for you. I weigh 150lbs and have spent a lot of time getting the bike to perform for me. At 230+lbs I find it difficult to imagine that you could have the same fun on it that I have. The WR450F would seem a better fit. Just my 2c

I HAVE A WR250F AND IT HAS PLENTY OF low end. i trail ride and hill climp and have no problems with any lack of power. you can lug it down to 1mph withno clutch. i read something about revving or using too much clutch. i don't know where they are coming from. also someone posted about a steep decent and the bigger big locking up and sliding downhill. that is true and i have had that problem on a bigger big. i only weigh 175 so i might be different but that wr is one heck of a bike. just do the free mods and slap a pipeon there and i can't imagine you being disappointed.

If you have the choice, why don't you just get the YZ250F and automatically save the 20 pounds or so over the WR? And if you like the lower gearing on the WR, just put a bigger sproket on the YZ?

ya but he is planning on doing trail riding and don't get me wrong the yz is awesome in the trails but pending on how far away he is going to be from gas the yz might have to small of a gas tank. when i ride my yz in the woods after about an hour and a half i have to refill. not only that but the yz isn't the greatest in tight technical sections so he would also have to add a bigger fly wheel. this is also going to add more weight. i would say go with the wr. since it is going to be already set up to ride on trail and threw the woods.

I just bought an 05 WR250F and sold my 01 DRZ400 and I'm 179 lbs. The only thing I miss is the power. I've done the free mods plus rejeted. It is snappy but it will take a while to get used to not having that straight away power. Also the wide ratio transmition. Alot more shifting involved. Less weight and very easy to handle in the woods. Only have 100 miles on it and still breaking it in.


05 WR250F :naughty:

I have an 01 WR250. I'm 6' 2" 215 pounds and have had no trouble with it pulling me around. I have been racing hare scrambles with it and have had to go up some pretty good hills with it without any low end problems. I will be getting a big bore kit before the start of the next season though. I don't think you would be disappointed with it.

well I rode my friend's yzf250 today and I will say I was shocked at the amount of power it had , and no it does not have the bottom torque of my DRZ, but I can stall my DRZ in 3rd and4th a hell of alot easier, so I am in love with it, the weight difference is fantastic. I know the YZ is 20lbs lighter, but I need the E start, I am still a bit green behind the ear and I need it if I end up stalled on the side of a hill, it will be much easier. I have had a time or two where I ended up in this spot and I was barely able to get on the bike let alone start it, with the E button , no problem. Uner normal situations I would say the heck with the E button, but at this point in my life, better safe than sorry.

I added an athena 290 kit to my 2003 wr 250f and it makes loads of power from bottom to top end. I just went trail riding at 143 off road park in Tn. and it has several long steep hills. My weight is around 235lbs and in second gear it pulls hard. Just point it where you want it to go and twist the throatle. I was able to shift into 3rd on some of the longer hills and it did not phase the motor. Makes for an awsome ride. It also revs as fast as the stock bike and I have had not problems with over-heating. :naughty::naughty::D

I'm a Newbie to with TT and the WR250, but I can tell you I've owned a 02 KTM 400 EXC, 99 Cr250 and 92 ATK 350 that just the lattest. Anyway I think you will not be happy with the the Little power bomb wr 250 but you would LOVE the KTM, for what your doing. Don't get me wrong I love my WR but it's how I ride and I'm at 160lbs. soaking wet.

With a few mods the WR250F is a perfect bike. I race HS races in the Rockies and I went from back part of the pack to front part of the pack in 1 year because I went from YZ250F to WR250F with electric start. Get the electric start !! It is certainly worth it to me.

I like to lug my bike and not rev it too high. Put the YZ cam, Powernow, JD Jetting and better muffler on it. You will like it. I have the Rekluse also and it makes a big difference on those hills that are very steep.


Hey, I am 230lbs and love the way my WR250F pulls me around. It probably has the smallest amount of low end torque of the 250Fs but that is not a problem. I went with a 1 tooth smaller front sprocket and have done all the free mods plus uncorked the muffler and added the Power Now stuff. This is the best bike i have ever riden in the tight woods of the Ozark hills. Go with the WR250F, no wont regret it.

I am 235-265# (varies for powerlifting) and have done all free mods plus Hotcams(intake and exhaust), 262cc kit, vortex ignition as well as having the head ported and pollished. It works great for me in SE&TRA hare scrambles as well as a few GNCC races. I would love a WZ350F.......HMMMMM. The 450 that I have just wears me out in tight eastern races. Maybe it is time to look at a 450 to 350-400 conversion.....

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