? about tweaked steering

I had a little spill last ride and it feels like my handlebars are bent, but they are not. I didn't have time to look at my WR400, because it is in storage, but are Dirtbikes like bicycles where the steering head (neck) can come lose and cause the front wheel to point slightly off than handlebars or not possible. Has anybody experienced this? This is the first dirtbike that feels this way. The others I know it is handlebars! Sounds like a dumb question, but I am a little puzzled. Thanks for your help guys, Warlo

Your triple clamps are misaligned. You need to slightly loosen the upper clamp and twist the bars (and forks) straight.

Thanks Kevin for the quick response, I will give it a try!

Originally posted by Warlo:

Thanks Kevin for the quick response, I will give it a try!

Since the fall may have tweaked something else you might want to realign the front wheel next, I believe the manual has instructions on how to do this. I would encourage you to use a torque wrench on all the pinch bolts, the spec. is not very tight (23 NM ?). Too tight may damage your fork tubes.

I don’t recommend this, but when this happens to me during a ride I will abuse my bike by whacking the front wheel against a post in the appropriate direction until things feel straighter. Unfortunately this method probably loosens things up and makes recurring alignment problems more likely.

Hope this helps!


I usually loosen the lower clamps as well as the uppers. Just hold the wheel between your knees and turn the bars back and forth a few times. Should straighten right up...

Or you can do what I usually do, wreck on the opposite side and bend them back :)

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