Klx 650 R

Hello, in Italy I could buy an used KLX 650 R in good condition.

I need some informations about it to come to a decision.

1) It's easy to handle and drive or the weight is too high ?

2) Can I use it on a motocross track ?

3) Can I use it on a wooded area ?

4) The engine is good ?

Thank you in advance. :naughty:

With best regards.



1) As easy to ride as any other bike I think. The weight is not too high, but there is quite a bit of it (about 153 kg without gas, oil & water).

2)It is not a racer of any type. It would make it around the track, but you would get lapped several times in a 1 lap moto!

3)It works very well on dirt roads & trails. For serious trail riding it's a bit big, heavy, under suspended and doesn't have the right power. Like the saying, "Jack of all trades and master of none." It is an adventure bike, not a purpose-built bike that specializes in one thing.

4)A couple of easily fixed problems (electrical safety switches go bad, counter-balancer adjuster may be weak). Other than that it is bullet proof. Absolutely reliable (and extremely difficult to hop up).

If you are looking to go the motocross track and also do some serious woods riding, get a motocrosser & make some changes to help it in the woods. Or, get a woods bike and make some mods to help it on the track. (I also have a YZF426 that has been modified for woods riding. I would never attempt to take the KLR where I take the YZF.) If you are looking for an all around, street legal bike the KLR is definitely one to look at. Suzuki dual sports are said to be more "dirtable" & less streetable than the KLR, but I only know what I have read about them.

Hope this helps

Good morning and thank you for your help. :naughty:

I would like to use it not for race, but only for amusement.

The KLX 650 R is the Kawasaki race version (is not KLX 650, without R), in my opinion the weight is a bit low than you've written.

In my opinion the KLR is absolutely not good !!

I'm undecided because there is also Honda XR 400 and Honda XR 250 in the list (but are too expensive than used KLX 650 R).

Also KLX 300 R is better than KLX 650 R, but in Italy I find only used bike, because this bike is not imported since 2003.

What do you think about the road use of KLX 650 R ?

Thank you again for your help.

With best regards.


Numbers 1,3 and 4 yes. # 2, I'd look for a lighter bike than the KLX 650. It will do a motocross track, but it wouldn't be in my top 5 first choices because of its weight to power ratio. I own two, a 94 and a 95. My 94 is street legal & stock with only an FMF pipe and works good. Not great, but good. My 95 is a hopped up Stroker bike with 13:1 piston, race pipe and motocross front and rear end and wheels. It works off road great! I run an 300 watt stator on both of them. Baja Designs can make them now. They take a KLR 650 stator and rewind it. It comes out with three, 100 watt leads. My stators were made by KOR in the 90's (Kawasaki of Riverside here in Riverside, Ca., usa) for the then Baja Kawasaki race team.

You should look at the Husqvarnas over there. I also have an 04 Husqvarna TC 450 and it works good everywhere. I've ridden the TE 450 and 510 as well and they are even better. Since Cagiva makes them, you are in the home stretch there. :naughty: Just my opinion. Steny


My old eyes and feeble mind mistook KLX for KLR. I was talking about the KLR.

I hope this post isn't to late, but I have this exact bike! I also bought it used and have loved it. It is a little on the heavy side but makes up for it with a lot of power. I use mine for mainly woods and trails. If you want to go motocross you will find the KLX to be to big and bulky, and wont be able to compete well with the smaller 2 strokes, but in the woods, its like a Cadillac, nice ride, looks good, and has the power to get you anywhere. The biggest problem that I have found with this bike is finding parts!!! Mine is a 96', and already have lost a lot of weeks of riding waiting for ordered parts from the factory. There are more parts for the KLR, and the KLX is very often considered the same, but they are differant. However, most of the parts I have found are from Europe, so you may be in luck!!

My final opinion is, its a great bike that will serve you well, but it is a older bike model and there are faster, better performing bikes out there! So if the price is good, I paid 1800 dollars for mine, than its a good deal, but don't pay 3 or 4 thousand dollars for an out dated bike!

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