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JD Question - 2005 CRF250R - Florida

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I just got your kit.

(2005 CRF250R)

I am in South Florida .

Summer months coming are hot.

85-90 degrees and humid.

I ride mostly SX.

I have the backfire screen removed, and a "Bills Pipe" full system.

I also run a fuel mix ( 50/50) of VP C-12 and 91 pump.

Please provide a starting point.

Thanks ! :naughty:

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Since JD is no longer moderating this forum, I will post my own results in case someone else needs a good starting ( maybe finish) point.

2005 CRF250R

Bills Full Exhaust

BF screen removed

Temps around 80 - 85 deg

Humidity around 70%

JD kit installed.

Red Needle on 4th clip

172 main

42 pilot

1 3/4 turns out on fuel screw

Runs great !

In the winter, when we dip down to the low 70's, :naughty:

I will probably go up one on the main, and raise the needle one also.

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