KTM 660 or 525?

hi guys i'm getting a new ride, an upgrade from my yammie motard.

went to the shop wanted to buy a 525 but saw the new 660....

so which one should i get!??!?

not so much abt the price of the bike cos my really concern is that i'll be riding alot of trackday time plus will be joining couple of races. so which will work for me baest in terms of reliabilty and power plus service and parts.

hope someone can enlighten me please!!

660?....I thought they only have 640 and 625....unless you were looking at the new Husky 660?......but KTM does have the 525!....all depends on what your riding needs are and what you want and what you don't want!

KTM makes a 660 overseas and there has been a few imported in into the states. I think the big decision is based on what classes you are going to be running and what size tracks? If you are going to running on strictly kart tracks the smaller bike might be the better choice but than again if you get a 450 you can enter a lot more classes. I would say if you are running on road racing courses get the 660 and for small tracks the 525. They are both reliable bikes. I know in the states the 660 is a lot harder to get parts for, goodluck.

I personally ride the KTM 625 and love it.

The 660 SMC won't be any harder to get parts for in the U.S. than the 625 SMC. Not that it matters, as his location says Anguilla.

The 660 is identical to the 625 in most technical respects. The 660 has a 1 mm larger bore, and a 1mm longer stroke, and no e-start, other than that, they are pretty similar.

Get the 525, lighter, slimmer, better handing......... The 660 is good but for the tracks we ride on in the USA a 660 is to much. Now if you are taking it on some road race track days that is a differant story but for Supermoto the 525 will do it all. Plus there is a big pool of Aftermarket parts and accessories. :naughty:



Over here the 660 is not concidered being a racer. Its more a streetbike...

If you want power I would go for the Husaberg 650 Supermoto. Between these bikes I would go for the 525. I think the best bike for supermoto is the CRF450 tho.

* All of them -05's

Now if your looking for power and light weight,,, consider the 525 MXC with a 576 Kit and then you got low first gears for tight stuff that most any 525 can handle then you also have tons of Power to spare,, either way,,, get what you want and Customize from there

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