What tools do you carry?

I have a 99 DR650. What it had for tools was lame.

What do you carry? Spark plug, wrench for seat removal, screw

driver etc.. Mostly dirt road and light trail.



Between two riders, we carry in our camelbak- full 100oz of H20, open end 8,10,12,14 wrenchs, straight driver, philips driver, compressed co2 and tool, small vise grips, 8,10,12 socket and driver, rear tube,front tube,sparkplug, patch kit, two tire spoons, a bead buddy, extra clutch lever, first aid, power bars, y-handle multi-tool with 8,10,12 socket type drivers,and I think that is it. Remember this is carried between two riders and involves 50-150 mile dual sport rides in AZ. I have to get out of the desert if I break down. Anyway I forget the y-handle allen wrench with 4,5 and 6mm keys. You get the gist. Have fun I ride a 99350 so Im sure you will need the same sizes.

yup, i trimmed some fat with my '04 dr650se's stock tool kit. pretty much got rid of everything in it except the pliers and repacked with, 10mm wrench, 8,10,12mm sockets and driver, a couple different sizes of allen wrenches, socket for the plugs, two cruz tools tire levers. i'm sure i missed a couple of things but that's just what i have in the little black tool box under the rear side panel. i carry more in a backpack, like some first aid, compass, gps, flashlight, etc.

Leatherman, cell phone, cash.

Leatherman, cell phone, cash.

You must own a Honda, tools just take up room and jangle around.

zip ties

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