I got one too!!

I am stoked!! Got a 2000 XR650R that is street legal here in the green state of Washington. Tough to find. Dan, if you're out there, you took care of this thing. Wish I could meet you to say "good job." It's got the following mods. Please feel free to tell me if they are good or crap. They're all staying unless someone tells me they're defective:

Pro Taper bars.. I'm 6'4" and all back so these feel sweet.

Allied stabilizer... 650 speed- they're probably a must.

IMS pegs

FMF Power Core 4 pipe and headers.... this thing is definitely uncorked..too loud??

ProMoto Billet "Rack-it" that is staying no matter what anyone says!

Only things lacking are bark busters and a speedo. Getting a Trail Tech from the nice guys at High Gear KTM in Monroe. Any recommendations on bark busters?

I can't wait to ride on Friday!!


Congrats on your new bike :naughty: Look at the Cycra Pro Bend handguards. I used the Acerbis Pro Rallys for a year until they bent pretty bad on a rocky fall and I love the Cycras and they have held up real good and the controls clearance is better than anything I've seen. Have fun, and get something to protect your hands ASAP. Walt :naughty:www.cycra.com

Welcome to TT,And the BRP Club , ha, Enjoy that bike, Its a great ride... :naughty:

Congrats and have fun! Sounds like it's ready to ride!!!

awesome pickup :naughty:

Whoops, that's an Applied stabilizer, not Allied. Man, those things are not cheap. Took it on it's first road ride to get gas this morning. I kept the front tire on the ground.... most of the time. :naughty:

Thanks for the links guys.


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