Factory Effex numbers

Hey people,

I just recieved my factory effex numbers today. I put them on the best I could, but still ended up with a few little bubbles. These are thick sheets and take some effort to mold. Expecially the right side plate. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had a trick to get rid of these little bubbles. Thanks for the info.

Crash, that should fix the bubbles :naughty:

I got a solution in a spray bottle that allows you to slide and move graphics and work out bubbles when I purchased grahics for my 93 RM. Worked great.

Get a small sewing needle from the wife. Take said needle and make a small indention in the edge of the bubble. Work the trapped air out by flattening the bubble using a credit card wrapped in a old t-shirt so you so not put scratches on your new numbers.

Next time you put numbers or backgrounds on. Hit the wife up for her hair drier. A little heat goes a long way in helping form numbers/backgrounds to curved number plates. Especial the right one as you mentioned. :naughty:

Thanks for the heads up! Will do!

I got the DeCal works numbers on mine and used windex and a plastic putty knife. I took all the backing off the backgrounds and sprayed enough windex to coat the sticky side of the backgrounds and coated the plastic on the bike as well. Then I placed the stickers on the best i could and smoothed them out with the plastic putty knife, which took care of all the bubbles and possible folds. They came out perfect. It helps to heat them up a little with a hair dryer or a heater first. I had a towel in one hand too to wipe up the excess windex that seeps out the edge of the stickers as you smooth them out. Like I said mine cam out perfect. The windex evaporates in time and I just kept standing there making sure they were stuck good and the corners or edges never lifted up.

get some fly numbers

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