Need Some info on Husaberg, ATK, etc.

I am looking to get a new bike, and the 630cc's of displacement in the Husaberg 650 is really attractive. But I also like the Idea of fuel injection on the ATK or the Sherco. Otherwise I was going to settle for a WR450.

How do these bikes compare with the WR450? Are they worth the price tag? Just how fast is the Husaberg 650? How does the fuel injection do, never even seen a dirtbike with fuel injection.

But bottom line, I really like the displacement on the Husaberg. Would it be worth it to sacrifice displacement to get fuel injection? If anybody knows of a fuel injected bike with a BIG motor that would be helpful too.

Do these bikes feel bigger than the WR? I feel a little big for the WR bike.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Ohhhhhh yeah, how bout reliability, any problems? Thanks

I don't know enough about fuel injection to make an informed comment other than in the Dirt Rider 24 test the Gas Gas had a little trouble off the bottom. I don't think that anything is faster than a FE550 except for a FE650. I prefer the smaller bikes as they are more flickable but the big bores are fun in long, wide sand washes. I went for the 05 Fe450 and am quite happy with my decision. It feels very light and was the lightest bike in the Dirt Rider 24hr test.

Bear in mind, I have no experience with injected off road bikes. but my Ducat ST2 runs just fine.

Fuel injection IS the future. It will not be too long when carbs are relics only. What I do know about the ATK is that you can choose different profiles. I think you can change them on the fly. I also believe the software is much improved over the original Cannondale.

Don't forget, ATK already has experience with injection, back in '93 or so you could get the 350 and 605 with fuel injection. They reverted back to carbs as dealers and, more importantly, owners didn't understand it and no one could tune the bikes. Remember, that was 12 years ago and hi tech has advanced by leaps and bounds since then.

I think I will give fuel injection a few more years to grow. It will take awhile to perfect it for dirt bikes. It also takes a laptop to adjust it as opposed to a screwdriver.

I love the 650 Husaberg. I would think if you did some shopping you could get one for close to the price of the WR450.

You think I could find a brand spankin new one for the price of the WR 450?

Ohh yeah, does Husaberg offer a dual sport kit, ya know, one of those DOT approved systems so I can tear up main street on my lunch break?

The 05 FE 650 is $7,998. plus fees,which is alittle more than the $6695 for the WR, but remember, they come with all kinds of nice components right out of the box. And , yes, duel sport kit type items are avail.

Remember your local Yamaha dealer is probably only a walk away,How far is it to your husaberg dealer? In New Zealand the Husaberg dealer is a REAL ass of a guy,Very unhelpful.... I too was going to buy a berg... But this deadbeat has put me off. I'm Not saying that there all like this I'm sure there not, but when I asked him about reliability problems etc he told me I wasn't ready for a fine European bike like the Berg, The F##king cheeky bastard.... No wonder NZ'ers don't ride Bergs..... :naughty: So It's a Yamaha for me :naughty:

Yeah, the Yamaha dealer is much closer, but I don't break stuff very often. Even if I did, I think the long wait will be long forgotten the first time I get back on the bike and let the 630cc "breathe";) The big engine and the 6-speed are what I am afer.

Anybody got any info on how big the Husaberg is? Any bigger than the WR?(the whole bike, not the motor) And are these bikes really $1600 nicer than the Yamaha? Never seen a European bike before, but I am sure willing to give it a try.

The 650 is the same size as the 450 and 550 only a few pounds more. The only difference is in the jug and the 550 and 650 get a little bit bigger starter motor. It will feel heavier than a 450 though due to the more pronounced gyroscopic effect.

I think if you shopped you could get a Berg for 7K.

If the US situation is anything like the Australian situation, then there is a whole warehouse full of 04/05 Bergs going cheap as the 06s are not far away.

Why pay more for a Berg than a Yamaha? A bit of wheeling and dealing will see you on a very,very cheap Berg.

I will have to check it out. Would be nice to get on one for a little cheaper, but I'm gonna do whatever I have to to be on a new one. Don't really trust anybody's left-overs.

If they feel a little heavier then that is good. Light bikes are nice, but I like to feel like I am riding a little bit of something.

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