Doin' yard work!

You know what I really like about your track? Its just a few miles from me :naughty: I got to make it over there so you can show me how to jump like that.

Nice :naughty:


Thanks, it's a good track to learn jumping on, mostly big tables and stepups. Waiting for the weather to get better, getting tired of driving 3 hrs each way to ride!.............

So Tracktor, where do you live? Let me know if you need any help breaking in the jumps :naughty:

Now that's the kind of yardwork I would love to do! nice shots :naughty:

These are from last year-

Back table

Front table-

Yup, I don't mind doing this sort of yard work! Unfortunately it means that actual work gets put off. I've spent way too much time (& money) on the track. I am trying this year to make my property not look like a war zone. Oh well, priorities, priorities!

Tythew, I am in North clark county up by Yacolt & Amboy. If you look carefully in the second pic you can just see the corner of St. Helens through the trees...........

Great landscaping........:D I have rabbits helping with my jumps right now....:naughty: They turned one of the landings into a bunny condo.........


You guys are SO lucky! The next house I buy WILL have enough land for a track dammit!

I come your house ride this weekend. :naughty: Give you much funny watch me ride.

Weather probably no good this weekend. If is will be riding! Jumps getting lonely.

If you want to ride pm me. It all depends on weather. When it gets better we try to hit it after work, also.

I hear you on the rabbit thing, my dogs love'em. Well everything but the tail, that is...........

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