Desert/Mountain trip during the week of the 11th.

Meet at Jawbone and head up into to Puites or over to McIvers Cabin. Something in the 90-130 miles range. If we go to McIvers, we can head down to Brady's gas station to top off for the return trip, if needed.

I'm an advanced beginner and error on the side of safety.

We could do a fun fireroad trip up into the Puites and see how far we can get. I was up there 3 weeks ago and there was still alot of snow at the top.

All day ride. On the bikes around 830am and back 4-5pm. Any takers?

I'm flexible on the day. Thinking Tues 12th,Wed 13th or Thursday 14th would be the best for me.

I will know by Saturday night. Sounds like fun :naughty: .

For those that are interested. We did this ride yesterday. There was alot less snow in the Puites but we still couldn't make it over the top to Lake Isabella. You can come up from Jawbone and loop back down towards Dove Springs. These roads are nearly snow free.

We road back down to Kelso Valley and up Bright Star star. This trail was snow free till the very top when we turned around. You could likely make it all the way through but the fireroads at the top are still covered in snow, so it didn't make any sense to continue on.

Maybe another couple weeks. 120 miles from Jawbone.

Hey slowxr,

I am going out to Dove Springs on the 23rd to lead a group on the Brightstar loop. How far did you get on the Brightstar trail before you turned around? Did you make it all the way to the fire roads? How deep was the snow on the fire roads?

I attempted the Brightstar loop in the beginning of March, but we only made it half way becuase the snow was too deep. Deeper than the footpegs in most places!! Hope to complete the loop next weekend!

Thanks for your help.


Matt. From the bottom(kelso rd/houses) we went up 14.5 miles. There was patchy sections of snow towards the 13 mile mark. You could ride through most or simple detour.

There were about 6 trees over the trail and we could tell there had be some bikes up there this season. I doubt anyone went much higher then us.

Since most of that trail is in the trees/shade, I have a feeling it's going to take a couple more weeks to become passable to the top.

I was up there in March also, you'll find alot less snow. Still a great trip either way. Wish I was going with you!


Thanks for the info. I think Ill go a day early and ride a recon mission to scope it out. Wish me luck!


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