CRF 450R not running without choke on

2002 CRF 450R running smoothly on the choke but as soon as i take it off it back fires and it can't keep an idle.

Any ideas on what i should do?


may or may not work but i will throw it out there... my minibike did the exact same thing last week and it was the spark plug.. worth a try at least

Check the pilot jet. On a two stroke, if the bike only runs with the choke on, it is a sure thing that the pilot is pligged.

When you reassemble the carb, be sure to put the slide back together correctly. I have read in here, multiple cases of part of it going in upside down.

what do you mean pligged?

How do you know if it is upside down?

make sure none of your jets are cloged up

dude i had the same problem. It drove me nuts. Its the pilot jet. spend the 3 bucks and replace it

what do you mean pligged?

He meant plugged, as in clogged, obstructed, something in the way.

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