1st closed track ride, need advice?

i am a pretty expirenced rider but i will be riding my first track this weekend.

any advice. I don't want to get in peoples way. whats the ediquette on a track?

any thing i need to be aware of so i don't get killed or get my ass kicked.


hold your line, fast guys will get around you. dont try to go off to the side (especially in the air) if u hear a fast guy coming. have fun, dont get hurt (look in the MX riding technique section)

-- As said, hold a line as best you can, and leave the fast line open if you know you're about to get passed.

-- Definitely jump straight, and if you're going to be jumping short, take a line on one side or the other of the jump, not usually down the middle. If there is a corner soon after the jump, and you're not jumping as far as other riders, jump the inside line into the turn. If you take the outside line, a rider jumping long into the turn may T-bone you or land on you as you sweep into the corner. And if you end up bypassing some of the bigger obstacles for some reason, don't just come back onto the track on the far side of the obstacle and into the middle of the track. Stay to the extreme side as you smoothly re-enter, at least long enough to get well away from the landing zone.

-- When jumping with other riders, take alternating lines over the jump, in case the rider in front of you cases the landing or has other problems. When you're racing with other riders you know well, then you may end up taking the chance of following them directly in their line over the jump if it's the fastest line. But in an open practice with strangers, it's best to leave yourself an open spot ahead of you as you jump in a crowd.

-- Raise your left hand high if you are going to slow and get off the track. I haven't seen this as universally used as it is at the sportbike racetrack days, but it's still a good habit to have and to teach to your kids and newbies. If there are fast guys coming up behind you, and you decide it's time to exit the track, you may clobber a guy who's trying to pass you if he doesn't know that you intend to get off.

-- I'ts usually okay to hang out on the side of the track and ask the locals about various sections of the track. Stuff like gear selection, lines, etc. When I ride a new track, I usually like to ask if there are sections where I should take a particular line to stay out of the fast guys way ("until I learn the track..."). Often you'll learn that the fast guys need a particular line to clear some of the bigger triples or step-ups, for example, so that tells you to take the line on the other side of the track for that section.

Have fun! My son and I love spending time on the MX tracks. You really get to work on your skills in a concentrated fashion! And if you aren't relaxed and balanced and remembering to breathe, you're going to tire out fast. Great stuff!! :naughty:

As berkeman said. HOLD YOUR LINE. and dont go for the holeshot.

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