Yz450 beat by KTM 250exc!


Riding skill? :naughty:

I know, but I am 175lbs and he is 275lbs? There is a 100lb difference in us, and he still smokes me. Am I a poser??? :naughty:

In a word, yes. Now you know what they mean by "it's 90% rider and 10% bike."

Get him to teach you some more skills is the thing to do now.

Quit drag racing and follow him more.... Ask him for help.....

By the way, quit looking at you front fender..... :naughty:

You have to shift it out of 2nd :naughty::D:naughty:

Who' has more riding experience? You may want to make some mods to make your bike more usable in the woods.

If any of the local A guys were there on 125's you'd be getting spanked by them too!

I know some kids on 85's that spank 450's :naughty:

i think i rode with those kids once hehehe

The problem ain't between your legs. :naughty:

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