What size trailer sould I buy?

To haul 2 or 3 dirtbikes around? I'm thinking 5'x8' flat trailer. What are you guys using?


To haul 2 or 3 dirtbikes around? I'm thinking 5'x8' flat trailer. What are you guys using?


I have a 6'x10' enclosed Pace trailer that I use for all sorts of stuff, including sportbike track days and dirtbike hauling. I've had as many as 4 bikes in at the same time, but that included a small and medium size bike.

Do you have a place to park an enclosed trailer, or would you prefer just the flat trailer because it's easier to store (and cheaper of course).

To haul 2 or 3 dirtbikes around? I'm thinking 5'x8' flat trailer. What are you guys using?


I use a 6'5"x10' utility to haul around 3 bikes. There has been times that the trailer is barely large enough when I load out with all the gear for a weekend of riding. I wouldn't even consider a smaller trailer unless it's just for day use.

For that I have a 2 rail motorcycle trailer.

The larger cargo trailers are nice but you have to have a tow vehicle and with the cost of gas skyrocketing it might not be the best choice right now. I hate filling the 454 Suburban up. One tank of gas will almost pay for 2 new bike tires.

I use a 6'x12'. It is adequate for a weekend trip with firewood, etc. I would not recommend getting a tilt trailer. The axle is further forward and it makes the trailer much more sensitive to loading. Yeah, 3 bikes might weigh 750 pounds, but load up the wood and coolers and you approach a very low, dangerous tongue weight. Been there, done that.

If you are buying enclosed, buy as much width as you can afford and I wouldn't go any shorter than twelve feet. That gives you the option of a lot of storage for riding gear and supplies. You also need to consider the tow vehicle. Big trailers like big motors and gas tanks.

The rule for a trailer is get the biggest one you can pull/store/afford. I started out with a 4x8, then a 5x10, and now wish like hell I had gotten a 5x14. I should jump right to an enclosed weekend warrior with a loft sleeper and a little kitchenette.

If you can swing an enclosed trailer that is the way I would go, we have a 6X15 v-nose, it helps with fuel economy but the V-nose takes away useable space. You will use the trailer a lot more if its enclosed, you can carry way more gear, you can sleep inside of it, and since my trailer is on the side of my house behind my locked fence I use it as another garage, I have two bikes in there right now.

I'm have a 8' by 12' trailer, I've hauled 5 bikes and fuel and gear....

It all fit great... :naughty:

We have a 7x16 enclosed and it haul 4 bikes,a work bench,storage cabinets,

a few alum racks for oil and cans!It does all this with ease.If you buy a enclosed make sure to get one you can stand up in,a side door is nice too.

I have a 6X10 V-nose that easily hauls 3 bikes and gear. An enclosed trailer is the only way to go. :naughty:

I have a 5 x 8 trailer that I use to carry three bikes. Fits three just fine, but if I were to do it again, I would like to have a 6.5 X 10 to be able to fit more bikes when necessary plus any extra gear.

I have a 5x8. ( as stated before) I have run out of room. I carry 3 bikes sometime 4 barely and I have a box on the front of it that I made for gear and stuff. I pull it with a pickup(quad doors) and carry a 4 wheeler in the back of that. If we and when we go camping, we are out of room. There is no room for "Stuff" such as camping equipment, wood etc........ If your just doing basic hauling then you should be ok.

PS: I see your in TX. I have a 5x8 for sale. it will be a yr old in May. Big fold down gate,15"tires, spare... 800.00

im going to go w/ a 6.5x14.. Not too big for my sonoma but not too small to haul a bike and camping gear/ will also install some gaucho's and a window and door that you can open from the inside so i can sleep inside of it.. :naughty:

i will also have room to fit another bike or quad in there as time moves on so i can get the wife riding..

I have an 8' x 14' flat trailer and glad I decided to buy it. I could haul 8 full size bikes comfortable. I have hauled 6 bikes , 1 big Honda 4x4 quad,big propane bbq, firewood for too nights, batt charger,fuel for the weekend, battery operated kids quad, chain saw and 45gal cooler, and a dried out xmas tree. And she handles like a dream. :naughty:

6x12 and she fits 3 bikes really nice, two facing forward up front and one facing to the rear in back. Plenty of room for gear and stuff. If I had the money I would go enclosed. I wish I would have sucked it up and gone enclosed anyway.....

The rule for a trailer is get the biggest one you can pull/store/afford...

Sound advice :naughty: Enclosed if at all possible for all the above mentioned reasons plus added security. You can lock all your stuff away while your riding, eating or whatever.

Well, this is just for local hauling....2 bikes normally. I'll be using an 05 Durango to pull it so I can throw the gear in the back. I found a 5x8 flat trailer in good condition with 3 rails for bikes (staggered) for $300. I'm gonna pick up that one and if I need to go bigger later I should be able to unload this one for close to what I'm paying.

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