DRZ gas tank plastic!!!

I am looking for a DRZ E model gas tank. I am tired of having to use the key to fill er up with gas. Does anyone know if the plastic tank is any lighter and if it will fit in an S model. I have an 05 S. Thanks boys!!

it will fit with a few fabs...it isnt a direct bolt on. Go with an IMS 3.2..I have one. They fit great

I will be selling a Clarke 3.9 next week

The plastic tanks are very close to the steel tanks in terms of weight....at least my Clarke tank weighs about the same as my steel one.

The IMS 3.2 is about the same weight as the stock metal tank. However I think if the metal tank was on my bike it would be dented up by now. I really like the extra .6 gallons of gas. With the stock tank I noticed I had .6 gallons of gas when I hit reserve. With the IMS I only have .3 gallons left when I hit reserve. I actually like the .3 gallon reserve. My record is 165 miles on a tank of gas. :naughty:

I have a stock 2002 DRZ400E tank that I am going to sell. It is in great condition. Minus the petcock and mounting tabs that were used on the IMS that I replaced it with. Gas cap and vent tube included.

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