How do ya quiet down a 50. Xtreme 107 :naughty:

different pipes

ive got a cr107. what pipe would fit and work with my bike? :naughty:

How do ya quiet down a 50. Xtreme 107
I thought you had a 50 and a extreme. I can only help with the 50

If you do have a 50, I know that BBR's pipe will accept the stock pipe's end cap, or they sell a quiet core insert for $40. (mine came free!). You might want to e-mail them and see if they have a pipe that would fit on your extreme.... or maybe someone else knows??????

will do

still okking for more methods tho. anybody

I think my Thumpstar has the same muffler,what I did was to put a little bit of coarse steel wool into the muffler then tap in a 1 and a half inch stainless steel drain strainer into the outlet to hold it in, bought everything from Home depot for less than 5 bucks works great, nice and quiet,dosent seem to rob any power or at least not much and its easly removeable.

Oh it was also quiet enough to let me get it registered at the DMV today. :naughty:

Thanks and will do

Yea the insurance is the next big hurdle,the agent that I insure my 00 Duke II with tried and Daryland asked who manufactured the bike? The MSO said the Name of the manufacture was DNA,I guess that name wasent in their computer so they just flat said no.The DMV had the same problem so they just used a diffrent manufacture name with a notation that DNA will have to be added to their database before the send me my title and updated registration papers. Im going to try again with my agent this week mabey now that its registered they might reconsider accepting some of my hard earned cash for some basic 15/30 liability insurance,if not I guess I'll just have to start searching around.

How do you like your Thumpstar?

I looked long and hard at all the minis avalible,mostly reading the reviews on this site and PM,(origionaly had my eye on a SDG) and after checking most of them out at the local dealers, IMHO I think the Thumpstar is the best mini out there for the money,I luv mine and would by another if I needed/wanted one. :naughty:

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