TTR 125 Big Wheels or Small ones

I am about to buy my daughter a 2005 TTR 125 with the recommendations that all you guys have posted for me. She weighs 80lbs and is about 5 foot 1. I see it comes with 2 tire sizes. My first thought is to get the larger tires that would be easier with holes, ruts etc.

We plan to trail ride however, to date we just ride at the motocross track but have plans to check out the national forest in the future. The kids ride on the pee wee track and I will take them to the main track if noone else it there.

What is your thoughts on the wheel size?? The difference in price is $200 with the larger wheels being the higher. I dont have a problem with the 200 bucks if it is a better ride.


I have the L model, and havent ridden the regular model. I think that the Larger wheel would be great in the ruts and mud(just squeeze your legs tight to the gas tank so you have more control, it works great), and your daughter would grow into it, so she could ride it for a while :naughty: Cody

ya definatly go with the big wheel one!!

Big wheel, kids grow pretty fast but even the Big Wheel is not a real large bike. And the rider should keep their feet off the ground any how. For a new rider electric start is kind of sweet also. But if not after it is broke in it is easy to kick.

Go with the big wheel version, because it is alittle bit taller and it has a front disc brake.

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