first long ride this year.

Ran into my cousin yesterday, he asked me to go with him to the local quarries. I eagerly accepted having not really ridden the bike since i fixed a few problems.

the quarry is wide open, enough room to hit around 80mph, little squirly, but it can be managed. theres a huge turn in one corner that can be taken pretty fast if you have the nuts. Lots of hills mainly that only a quad could make it up. and various trails.

I raced him a few times, he has a yz85, and i have an xt550. Even rode the 85 once. I would have never thought that i could keep the front wheel up on that thing through all the gears. Granted this was on a slight hill. thing is deadly quick.

i got the nerves up to try going up one hill. I figured it flattened out just like the rest of the place. Got up enough speed to cost up pretty much, still used a bit of throttle. I didnt see a slight ledge that stuck out, but figured what the heck, no turning back, so i jumped it... at this time i was thinking that i would land on top of whatever table there was on the crest of the jump.. got about 3 feet high over the hill, and saw my life flash before me. There was an other hill on the other side, same grade, no table on top. I knew i wasnt going to make the jump, but held on for dear life. this hill is about 15 or 20 feet high. with a pretty sharp grade. I flat landed the other side, and kept going straight, through a short section of bushes. I emerged with branches hanging all over me, and surpisingly wasnt even bruised. I thought it was the best ride i ever took. My friends saw this jump and couldnt close their mouths (aside from the one who couldnt stop laughing).

never dumped once the whole day, although i probably should have. I love this bike! next time i'll get some pics. tata


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