ref: Cam Chain

2002 wr426f Used every day,mostly to work & back, about 25km.

When we can,we go off-road ,up the mountain. But the bike has never been to the track or raced.

When i brought the bike it was in super new condition,with 3000km on the clock.Now its 11000km ,mostly road work.

I change the oil every 1000km ,give it a good thrashing,and look after it well.

The Cam Chain has never been changed, the engine never opened.

I think the bike has had a very easy life.

What do you think ?

I think you've done it well if you changed your oil every 1000Km of pavement with occasional offroad.

Now at 11000, you need to open the head and check the vavles. If they are nicely in the specs, close this and go ride for another season. If you need to remove the cam chain and cams to readjust your valves, it's not a big deal to remove the head completely and the cylinder. This way, you can have a look at your piston, you can check/replace the rings... once you'll be done, you'll be alright for two additional seasons.

Give me a PM if you have problems, I'm not a mechanic but I've just been through this job and asked so many questions on this forum that I think I have all required infos now (or at least I know where to find em)

Good luck :naughty:

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