XR4 Cemoto MX Style Fender

I just bought an '04 XR4 and I am wanting to throw an MX style rear fender on it. I have been reading alot of postings about them. Relating to cemoto, is the color a perfect match and does it look just like a CR rear fender. It looks wide to me in the xrsonly.com page. Could anyone send me a picture of theirs? I want to get the red color.


Hey Mar, might not want to lead TTr's astray, let em know that Polisport isn't available :naughty: . Talked to White Brothers today, the Polisport they advertise is only available in the Enduro style aka: (oem replacement) w/ light cutout :naughty: . Still searching, boy if I could only get my hands on one of those XR400 Motard rear fenders from Japan :D . Hey, anyone going to Japan in the next day or two?

I've seen this fender in person (the cemoto) and its looks really good. While they definatly sacraficed a bit of style for the fit/finish, it was well worth it. I opted to buy their OEM replacement simply becuase i needed the rear tail light. Oh, and i saw both of these at XRsOnly.

Thanks for all the input. I would sure like to find a Polisport. The cemoto looks like more of a 1980's MX style.

Oh, and if anyone has one for sale I would love to buy it from ya. Thanks.

That makes 2 of us, and keen eye there bando :naughty:

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