Lowering an SMC 2004

Is there any possible way to lower a KTM 625 SMC at all?

Any good suspension tech can lower/revalve it. Just check around.

Go to www.koubalink.com They have lowering links for the rear for a reasonable price

and are good quality. You can also slide the forks up in the tripple clamps some to lower the front. I have a Kouba link coming for my 04 SXC.


I've read b4 at ktmtalk Emig makes a lowering setup which can drop the bike ~2 for the 625/640, but as I'm 6'3" I've never looked into it

Ill check it out

I use the EMIG links on my 625 SXC. I think they are a 1.5" drop, where as the Koubalinks are 2". I then bought a Protect Enduro bar riser / damper mount and raised my bars. This allowed me to slide the forks up 1.25". This keeps the ride heights the same, but can arguably affect geometry. Although on this bike, I didn't notice. On a sportbike it would be a lot of drop.

I can actually get both feet on the ground now, where as before I was on one tippy toe.


I did the exact same as Stronbad and retained good handling on and off road, but it would be better to shorten suspension stroke if you are going to race supermoto or? Only raised barmounts [KTM hardparts] spacer 3/4" and dropped forks 1". It's great to be able to touch the ground at a traffic light. Now all I ned is a fan kit.

I have a 2004 625 SMC and I have been taking it to a kart track for the past 2-3 weekends. The bike is stock height and I am not sure lowering it is a good idea if you plan on racing it. I have been dragging my pegs rather easily. I imagine if it is any lower you would really eat through them. I am in the learning process so it is not like I am crazy fast and leaned over like crazy either. Well that is my 2 cents.

At the track, maybe not a good idea. I lowered mine enough so that I can at least reach the ground on the street without jumping to one side on my tippy toe. However, this was an SXC with 21" front wheel. I put a 17" wheel next to it and I can see that the front end will lower another two inches, so now I may be too low. The SMC may be lower stock than the SXC stock. Anybody ever measure?

Anyway, for the street I think the tradeoff of being able to touch the ground is a good thing. Like Jolly said, for the track, things may drag. I will find out in two weeks... I know my friend lowered his CRF, dragged everything, and then had to pay again to raise them back.


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