Coolant drain plug?

What's up TT! Guys and Gals I've been riding for years. But you know what, I have never flushed a system in my life :naughty: . I'm about to switch to engine ice, so please tell me which bolt is the drain bolt so I can get this over with. I normally let the bike shop do it, but I'm tight on money right now. My manual is MIA so please help!!! :naughty:

On the right side of the bike you'll see coolant hoses going into the water pump cover. Remove the small bolt on the cover to drain the coolant.

Be sure to have the container in place before you crack open the cap because it will spray out in a stream.

take the radiator cap off to or it won't all come out...

thanx guys, I learn something new everyday! Engine Ice here I come!!!!!!

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