'86 xr 80 clutch problems

the clutch on my '86 XR80 wont fully disengage. is this the fault of worn springs? the plates are fairly new, and the basket is in good condit.

It may be the springs, try and ajusting the cable from up at the lever and down by the tranny. If that doesnt work then it may be the springs.

Am I missing something? Bad springs might cause slipping not failure to disengage. In addition to adjustment, make sure the cable isn't fraying.

i tried adjusting the clutch at the engine, and at the lever, and the clutch will pull in all the way, but the tranny will not fully disengage.

how do i use the small nut/slotted screw on the clutch cover that adjusts the engaging mechanism? also, there are scratched on the basket, around the outer edge. and, when i move the plates, they have about 1mm of free play. is all this normal?


Scratches are from the factory. Where they had ground the flashing off.

cool. thanks.

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