XR100 motor

hey everyone i wanted to know whats the biggest motor you can put into a XR100 the bike i have is 1993, so its old. and also dead. so if anyone could tell me the size/year/anything would help. and if you would happen to have any of these motors that RUN and run good then maybe i could take them off your hands. im not sure what year xr motor can go in what year, but if you have a newer or same year motor tell me i could use it. also if you have something bigger but could fit that would works also. thanks guys :naughty:

There no such thing as a dead XR motor. Send it to me and I'll have it runng like a kitten in one day. Actually I'm kidding, I have too many projects as it is. But there's isn't a whole lot that can go bad just to trash the motor. With ebay, you can get that thing running pretty cheap or just get another 100 motor. Any year will work.

lol trashed was too strong of word, what i meant was "under the weather" the bike has a huge chip out of the stator casing, so i tried tacking it back in but it wont work, metal keeps sliping off. plus i dont know how you would think of me as a rider, but i rider amature off road racing on 450's so i ride hard and strong. thinking about pro soon* but anyway. when the pit bike era came in, i rode it like i do my big bikes, did that for a year. the bike didnt like that one bit, hardly shifts now, just beat down. everything is starting to go, so much for my 1993. so thanks for the info, ill try to find one, but will any other models fit in there? thanks :naughty:

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