So, is Rowher open? Staging?

So I just read that the staging area is closed. Where can you stage and ride in Texas Canyon? :naughty:

dude look at other threads Rowher is open i just was there last weekend it was some sweet conditions but lots of rutts

Dustee stated that they closed the staging areas down for damage control from the rains. You can still ride but no parky inside. If you are plated just stage somewhere off sierra hwy, otherwise youi are screwed. I came down boquet on sat and saw the fireroad into DW was open, maybe stage at the top of DW and ride there??? I did see the single track across the road into rowher's was fenced off, but the gate into rowher across the street from the resorvoir was open. You might be able to stage off spunky canyon and go in that way.

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