CRF 150 Cam/Crank need help!!!

The chain that joins the two together. The crank and the cam. Can some one help me put these two back into time. TDC piston at top of cylinder okay

but what valve would be closed in this case. front one or the back one. :naughty: Chain came off and the crank was turned by my son.

Can someone spell this out to me, please help. I'm desperate. Joey

P.S. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The piston should be at top dead center and on the compression stroke. So, both the valves should be closed and I think it is a o or maybe a line or arrow or whatever the symbol is will be on the cam sprocket and it should be pointing straight up to the angle of the engine.

Thumping 1,

The piston should be at TDC and the cam sprocket bolts should be in verticle alignment to each other. There are two lines on each side of the cam sprocket that will be at horizontal and in alignment with the rocker cover/head split line. Depending on your cam chain stretch, the lines will align or be a little "clockwise" from horizontal.

Good luck!


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