Legal-- ktm 525exc dual sported

Recently seen a dual sported ktm 525exc at a dealer in Indiana. The bike looked like a piece of art. Custom seat (designed for a shorter rider), fold down mirror, horn, and brake light. Subframe was modified for shorter rider and some trick looking aluminum hardware was added by the header-silencer section. Anyway I'll try and get to my question. Dealer said bike is capable of being dual-sported legally from the factory. No extra paperwork, inspections, and headaches to dual-sport a ktm exc. Type of bike on tilte reads; ktm sportmotorcycle not offroad True/False? You can purchase a ktm525exc put a horn, brake light, and mirror for around $50.00; change tires and be street legal? Turn signals not required in indiana or Illinois?

Dealer seemed very knowlegible and I want to trust him, but it almost sounds to good to be true. Ive checked on dual-sporting a WR and there is quite alot of red tape to go through. Bike inspection, stator mod, baja designs dual-sport kit ($400.00-$500.00) not to mention the drive to get it inspected.

I know the topic of reliabililty has been gone through extensively, but Id like to hear more than just about the valve train. Is the crank and tranny capable of handling on highway use? In addition to above questions, gas mileage information would be helpful.

If the above questions on dual-sporting issues are true this could be a bike in the garage in the near future. Otherwise a Harley-Davidson sportster that estimates a reported 57mpg highway and less depreciation might be there. The kx will remain the woods/track bike.

Thanks for any info. My first post on Thumpertalk.

Not sure about Indiana, but many of us have street legal 525 exc. That part about the title not having "For off road use only" has saved many people in different states. KTM sells all the stuff to keep the bike OEM including a fan if you ride in traffic.

Make the plate a contingency of the sale....

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