Valve wear??

hi, i just checked the valves on my 04 crf250r, and the exh. valves were right on....however, the left intake valve feels looser than the right.... left measures between .005" and .004" (i dont have anything in between). well, .005 is too loose, and .004 is kinda tight still. the right intake is a little tighter than the .005 should feel. is this normal? i would estimate that i have about 75 hours on the engine now, i do not race at all, just play around on some logging roads here in alaska. i thought that the valves would only get tighter as time went on. thanks for any help and advice you have !!!

I have the same thing going on. I now have 50 hours on the bike and just got done checking the valves for the 3rd time since after about 10 hours when I had the dealer check and adjust the valves. My gage does the same thing, tight on .005 and loose on .004. My exhaust has been sitting at .011. These numbers are what they have been for me since I started checking them, so long as they don't move, I'm happy.

As for the valves wearing the gap will get tighter. Then you'll want to change out the valves before something bad happens.

So all sounds good... just ride...


thanks doug, it has been about the same readings the whole time.... but i check them around every 10 hours of riding..... as long as it stays, then i am happy too ! have fun, ride hard !!!

Just checked the valve clearance on my friends '04 250X. Bike has 600 miles of trail riding and the valves were perfect. Also just checked the valves on my '04 250R which has at least 1000 miles of trail riding-valves checked perfect.

The key is maintenance .................


The key is maintenance .................KLX

That is important but it is far from the whole story.

Okay so the key is maitenance, what maitenance do you do to keep your valves nice and good? I clean my filters every ride. Clean the oil filter every time I change the oil, about every 2-3 rides. (I have on of those stainless ones.) already answered your own question. Keep the air filter clean and FRESHLY oiled. Change the motor oil every 100 miles if possible .

And speaking of oil use good quality synthetic 10W40.

Thats what I do along with other CRF riders that I know and none of us are having ANY problems at all. Absolutley love our CRF's ! :naughty: KLX

as extra precaution, I warm up bike after washing to get rid of moisture, kick over till you hear the click[decompressor] which leaves it at top dead center & valves closed which will help prevent corrosion on valve seats and another plus is valve springs are at their extended[relaxed] position.

That is important but it is far from the whole story.


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