Where is everybody racing this weekend?

Just wondering if anybody is racing Byron or Sunset, not sure what ill do yet.

Looks Like This Weekend Has Sunset Written All Over It. Weather Is Going To Be Great. I Just Hope It Won't Be As Long As Last Weekend Was!!! See Ya All There.

Btw--- Nice Job On The O.a. @ Byron Last Week

Thanks, how did you hear about race?

saturday, JOLIET most likely. i like the new track design. i was just there tonight riding..smooth, better jumps, fun to mess with. if anyone is going. look for #173 Yamaha ProSource yz 125, be around c. pedigo [#488].

I might be out at Walnut Sunday to spectate, don't have enough time on the bike yet to race it.

Although I might be going over there Saturday morning as well to do some practicing. :naughty:

Thanks, how did you hear about race?


I think im going to Walnut to practice Saturday, then race Sunday at Byron.

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