Crf150 Or 230

hi i was wondering what bike would be a better bike for my brother he is 15 yrs old he has some experiance but i am looking to buy him either a Crf150 or a CRF230 im just wondering what bike has Better performance and i was also wondering if the CRF230's came with lights, Thank you :naughty:

How old is he and how much does he weigh?


I mean how tall is he and how much does he weigh?

height and weight dont matter, he is 15, hell outgrow a 150 in a week. look at like an old 250f or possibly a 125?

The 230 would be the best of those two for your brother. It does not come with lights but does have electric start and a decent wiring harness. It isn't very difficult or expensive to add lights to the 230. That said unless he is looking for an inexpensive trail bike a CRF250X would be a much better bike, one that he wouldn't outgrow either.

Thank you all for your replies he weighs 114 pounds and is 5"7 i might just get him a crf250x but i think the 230 would be a good option if they have a lot of power and speed i was also wondering if the 150's have good power?

If you're going to choose between the 150 and 230, get the 230. They share designs, but the 150 is probably not enough bike for him. The 230 has quite a bit more power and a higher top speed. Most riders quickly find the 150 underpowered and start searching for ways to increase the power. Easier to just start with a 230. However the 250X is in a whole different class. Better design, much more power, better suspension, etc... If you can afford it that would be the way to go. It'll hold it's resell value better than either the 150 or 230 too.

150- 11 hp

230- 16hp 240 or spo pounds

250X- 26 hp ( :naughty: ) 240 or so pounds but \ bigger

250R/F- 33hp 205 pounds

all these numbers are close estimates

the 250s have great power and great suspension. The X comes with a light.

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