Conversion chain/gearing question

Almost there, but I have a few questions concerning the chain length and gearing. I know most of the conversions are big wheels, and our second of two will be, but juniors bike comes first and it's a standard (14/17).

Anyway, I've verified that the original chain is too short so I know I'll be using the chain from our big wheel donor. However, I don't want to take too many links out only to find my gearing stunk and now my chain is too short with the right gearing.

I've got a 14 tooth front (420) and the stock 51 tooth rear for a 3.64 ratio. Does this sound OK, or will I need to make changes. If by chance I need a larger rear, would I be better off putting the original front on and get a 428 rear? I've still got the stock big wheel 55 as an option but that seems way big.

Any voices of experience would be greatly appreciated. By the way, junior will be riding tracks, trails, backyards, etc. - a little of everything.

Thanks for your help.

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