Helmet camera help

I have a JVC 270. It has digital in and out, but no analog input. All of the sony models that I have researched have analog and digital input. The helmet camera I have has the rca jacks, but my camera doen't. The camcorder I have accepts the 4 prong digital firewire cable (av cable?). Doesn't helmetcamera offer their camera w/ a choice of either an analog or digital connector? If so, does the digital helmet camera have the four prong firewire cable that I am looking for. There are no adapters offered for rca to firewire conversion. I am wondering if I should take the JVC back for a more user friendly Sony, any suggestions? Don't get me wrong, the JVC is a sweet ride. It offers comparable picture quality, if not better, and more manual operation than the "point and shoot" automatic sonys and a about twice the zoom for about $150 less, but I am a little skeptic about the helmet camera and video editing software compatability. Thanks for any help or direction on where to find it!!

you have to have a recorder that accepts analog in/out, there is no exception

take your cam back and get one that does.

firewire is only to get the vid into your computer.

sounds to me like the camcorder is incompatible. all of the cams I've seen only have analog (RCA) jacks not firewire.

thanks john :naughty: !! Which camcorder would you suggest? Preferably Sony!?!! I have my eye on a Sony dcr hc42.

I have a JVC GR-D72. It's compatible with helmet cameras. And it takes nice videos. I think it's a good option to the sony.

Thanks guys, I just walked in w/ a Sony hc32. Within 5 min I had the helmet camera set up and working fine. Haven't tried it yet, but it appears that the sony comes w/ editing software too!

Would the Sony DCR TRV 460 work with a helmet cam

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