Setting up my DR-Z400S for Mexico...

Hi all,

I'm picking up a brand-new 2005 DR-Z400S this Friday :naughty: I'm planning on mainly using the bike for adventure riding in the Western US and Mexico and would really appreciate any advice on setting up the bike. :naughty: Here's what I'm planning so far:

4.0 gal clear IMS fuel tank

Acerbis hand guards

IMS super sport footpegs

CFC case shields

Unabiker radiator guards

Happy Trails skid plate

Happy Trails rack for my Givi side cases

Happy Trails tail rack

Rick Mayers saddle

Anything missing or better options? Thanks! Lynn

Sounds good. What size Givi bags are you going to hang on? You may have to go up on the rear spring rate if you carry a lot of weight.

Sounds sweet. You might want to consider some higher bars...I found it made all the difference in the world.

Some good maps - tripple A has some for Baja

Probably some new tires too - more dirt oriented.

I like the Moose fender bags. You can strap them on your front fender. I find the more things you put in your bike (tools, extra tubes etc) instead of your body the better.

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