YZ Camming My '05

I've decided to go to the dark side and ordered my YZ exhaust cam today from Zanotti's. $103.84 delivered, and I know if I find I'm not a big fan of it then I can likely find someone who'll want to take it off my hands for an even bigger discount. My only concern is with the valve shims. I just adjusted mine after break-in and was curious about how the YZ cam will effect the tolerances, either looser or tighter. The cam ought to be here in a week, so I've got some time to get some shims. I can't imagine that it'll require more than one shim size either way. Anybody out there with some experience in this arena? Gracias...SC

Hey Steve,

Can you give me the website for Zanotti's? That is a great price for the YZ exhaust cam.

Kevin Cummings

Seattle WA

03 WR450F

It is the same cam with a different timing position, and I'm told a slightly different decompressor config. Machining tolerances can vary some; so the only way to tell for sure is to measure both cams for lobe width at the correct position and note any difference. I wouldn't do that since it is so easy just to pop the new cam in an measure clearance that way......Your choice.

will the yz cam allow the electric start to work? If not, do you have to go with a manual decomp?

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