pilot setting with boyesen apc

hi, i just installed my booyesen accelerator pump cover on my 04crf250r, and i was wondering if all of you that are running one changed your pilot screw setting from 2 1/4 turns? thanks !!!

Not sure about your situation, but during the winter and spring here the weather can

change quite drastically so I'm always adjusting my fuel screw. I didn't make a change

to it when I added the apc and it felt great.

i don't know about other people but i adjust mine every time i ride, every day is different than the one before


Check out this link:


When it comes to the Keihin FCR carburetors, there is a definite process to tuning the fuel screw and pilot jet. That link will describe it for a YZF, but the same steps apply to a CRF (they use the same basic carb but with different sized jets spec'd out by each bike manufacturer).


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