CRF SHOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! please help!!!!

does ANYone know ANY way to relieve the suspension on the 230? -> the new springs from bbr are totally not enough, im talking about NEW FORKS alltogether maybey i duuno plz help, thes shocks suck!


Lemme guess... you bought a CRF230 without knowing what you were getting into...

Uhh huh ----> :D:naughty::naughty::D <----

Speak english.

Which is it the forks or the rear shock & what's your current set up?

Does your bike bounce?

What kind of riding are you doing with your "trail" bike?

I think maybe this has come up before. You might try the search tool & you might find something on forks. Good luck!

I concure (whatever that means). Most post will tell you go to the BBR springs, preload w/spacers, add/modify fork oil. Did the BBR springs help at all? 150 owners often go to the CR85 forks. I don't think there is a comparable inverted fork option for the 230 (?)

I'll be looking forward to the more experienced guys post on this one. Toast has a killer rear shock set up. Check out his "garage" pics. What are you running for the front toast-master?

I have Race Tech 46kg/mm springs but right now am running the stock springs with Race Tech emulators, 15W oil & an extra 1/4 inch of spacers. The emulator itself is a 1/2 inch thick so my total preload is 3/4". Works well for me but hey the bike & I together are probably over 500 lbs! :naughty:

Haven't ridden in a month! :naughty::D

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