250f complete engines??

Does yamaha sell complete yz 250f engines?? I know some people use them for carts but I cant find any information about them. Does anyone know if they sell them or where to find them??


Yamaha doesn't sell them without the bike, but they do sell the YZ125 engine. Check eBay for one. I've seen a couple in the past couple months.

Well i need a 250f engine for my bike.....not a 125

There was a complete 250f engine on ebay last week. I am not sure if it is still there but search "yamaha yzf" and you should see some items. People part out there bikes every so often on there, take a looksie.

ive seen a couple complete yz250f engines on ebay in the past three months... wait it out and get one on ebay. ill bet you can score one for 800 or so

Actually there is complete brand new engines for sale. I was surfing aroundon the net for new yz250f engines and found some they showed them on the crate and they were used for like putting on karts, the problem is i have no clue where i saw these at i jsut remember seeing them and there expensive.

yes, you can get the whole motor setup from yamaha. like killercuda said, for karts, but they ARE available.

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