2002 yz250f w/dr. d pipe, need suggestion

I have a 2002 yz250f that ever since I put the dr.d pipe on it, the rpms stay up for a couple seconds after I release the throttle. Who has this setup and what did you have to do to make the pipe work? Rejet? OR just an adjustment, and which adjustment if it was only an adjustment.


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I have an '04 YZ250F w/Dr. D and I had the same issue. I first made sure my idle was set correctly. Then I checked for air leaks and didn't find any. Also, I had my fuel screw out past 2 1/2 turns and it still didn't help. So went up 1 size pilot jet and now I the idle doesn't hang and I typically have my fuel screw set 1 1/2 turns...

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