xr 100 gearing


I just bought a xr100 and notice that in first gear the engine revs very quickly but the bike just doesn't go, the bike barely goes fast enough to keep it upright....at first I thought there was something wrong with the tranny but now I am thinking it is just geared really short in first. Is it me or my bike? Is something wrong or is this just how the xr 100 is? I thought there would be more pull and a longer pull in first, but it only really pulls in a very small area in the revs and then stops pulling, just revs hard. The thing revs hard and you are only going 5mph.....anyone? :naughty:

It might be your clutch slipping, when you give it full throttle does it rev up and barley move?

Well, it seems to barely move when the rpms are up to a certain point. It pulls fine off the bottom but as it gets to mid rpm and higher the engine keeps revving but the bike doesn't go any faster and seems to stop pulling, its rather weird. Since the bike is not a fast revver its hard to say if it slips at full throttle, becuase even if I give it full throttle it will go at first, but then about midway it stops going any faster and just revs higher (I think it is getting power, but its hard to say...). If it was the clutch, how would I adjust or correct this?

It's because the first gear ratio is 3.083 , while 2nd is 1.882 and so on.

3.083 is pretty much useless, unless you want to go up a wall or something. It will pull you up a lot of big hills. I always considered a xr100 a four speed just because I never use first.

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