XR400R crankcase breather hose.

I am changing the crankcase breather plumbing on my California model 2004 XR400R. Can anyone tell me of some good equivalent tubing to use and where to find it? And since I'm not near my bike at the moment, what size Uni breather filter will I need (inner diameter dimension)? Thanks!

I did the same thing.

I don't remember the I.D. of the tubing I used -- I'll check when I get home and post it here later. Or you could just pull the tubing on your bike off the crankcase nipple, and measure the I.D. yourself I guess...

I bought the tubing from the local AutoZone store. It's just plain old automotive heater tubing, I think. I was able to re-use the stock wire clamp to clamp it to the metal nipple on the crankcase.

You don't have to buy a UNI crankcase filter, although that is a sweeter looking way of doing it. I just bought an automotive crankcase breather element, and then replaced the filter element inside it with a little cut out square of air filter foam, so I can take it out, clean it, and re-oil it every once in awhile... (in photo, see orange thingy with circle around it).

Don't forget to cap off the nipple on your airbox (see red thingy with circle around it), or you'll be sucking unfiltered air through there, directly into your carb.


Thanks, sounds great!

do not use heater hose. it is not formulated to withstand oil vapors use emission hose

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