DRZ Front and Rear Springs

I just picked up an 05 DRZ 110 and since I weigh 175lbs I need to replace the front and rear springs to prevent bottoming. I want to go the low cost route and just replace the rear shock spring and the front fork springs. I have seen so many manufactures including some with 1" long fork springs.

Does anyone have a recommendation?

I also weigh 175. I went with Two Brothers "aggressive" fork and shock springs for my 110. The fork springs were just about perfect, but maybe a tad soft (I say "were" because my son rides the bike now and I have put the stock springs back in). I think a little tinkering with the oil would have made them perfect. The shock spring however just seemed so stiff that it would not compress, and when it did it would just overpower the shock on rebound. That shock spring, combined with the thin padding on the stock seat where adults sit, would get very painful after any serious riding. It was miserable! My reccomendation for the rear is to spring (sorry about the pun) for a good aftermarket shock and some extra seat padding. Good luck!

Thanks for the response. I just purchased a stiffer rear spring. How did you swap the springs?

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