Giant Tenderloins

Help! I've been, 'based' in IA all week for work. I've been from the Quad Cities to Mason City, Charles City, Waterloo, and Cedar Rapids - and many burgs in between. My question is - why do I see so many quads in the backs of trucks and so few bikes? :naughty:

I know they are sold here as I'm in bikes shops all day. Do you guys not like them here? :D:naughty:

What's the deal?


My guess is that they are selling at a higher rate than motorcycles, because any moron or as my daughters say maarrroooonn can ride one and not everyone wants to learn how to ride a motorcycle. The place we ride used to be only single track and motorcycles, and I would now say the percentage is closer to 75% quad to 25% motorcycle. We had a special event day at a private riding area last year and I would say it was probably 65% quad to 35% motorcycles and from talking to a dealer, they estimate that the sales will be 80-20 in a few years.

Can't explain it Bultaco, I'm just hoping they ban them like they did 3 wheelers. I know it will never happen, but at least a guy can hope. We were at Solon 2 years ago and this typical quad dufus was cutting donuts in the middle of the parking lot (gravel) right in front of the DNR guy!!! The DNR whistled him over and told him if he saw that again they were outta there. I was pissed he didn't do more than that, what a p-ussy.

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